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The companies that engage us are often successful in their fields. They are professional organisations who regard their counsel as an indispensable partner. This safeguards a high level of quality in negotiations.

Establishing a close working partnership with Zenit Advokatbyrå also ensures that disputes are handled competently. Both the companies and private individuals who retain our services value our commitment, accessibility and experience.

Zenit Advokatbyrå offers superior legal expertise with a particular emphasis on

Members of Zenit Law Firm

Areas of expertise

  • Labour Law – Employment protection, terminations, dismissals, etc.
  • Contract Law – Cooperation agreements, agency agreements, supply agreements, purchase and sale agreements, etc.
  • Company Law – Limited liability companies, limited partnerships, associations
  • Construction Law – Construction law for clients, contractors and consultants.
  • Family Law – Dissolution of marriage, division of property, prenuptial agreements, inheritance, custody, residential custody and visitation rights.
  • Real Estate and Tenancy Law – Lease agreements, tenant-owner rights, purchase and sale of real estate, leasehold, easement.
  • Litigation and arbitration – Legal process, general court, administrative court, arbitration board.
  • Law of Torts and Damages – Breach of contract, personal injury

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